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New Jersey's Best Bus Tours

Bus Trips

We plan your trip, so you can focus on fun.

Don't spend time planning your vacation spend time enjoying it. We put together exciting, thought-of-everything itineraries for you.

Prices include transportation, hotel stays and food. 

Travel can be expensive, and unexpected costs can add up. When you book a trip with us, you pay one low price, which includes just about everything.

We Are insured, registered and licensed.

Owner and tour operator Faith Reese is a member of the ABA American Bus Association, CPR and First Aid Certified, and holds a B.S. degree in Recreation and Program Planning from The University of Maryland. 

Bus Tours
Bus Tours
Bus Tours
Bus Tours

Upcoming Tours

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Upcoming Day & Multi Day Bus Tours

Upcoming Day & Multi Day Bus Tours

Bus Tours

Upcoming International Tours

Bus Tours

Adventure with us.

At Garden State Getaways, LLC we offer a wide variety of trips across America and abroad. There is sure to be one for you! Contact us today to find out more about our upcoming trips.


Jackson, NJ 08527

What kind of travel agency are you?

Garden State Getaways, LLC is a friendly, family-owned tour company here in Ocean and Monmouth counties. Our Bus Tours provides you with everything you need for you, your friends, and your family to have a wonderful trip together!

Our trips are fun, easy, and will give you memories that will last a lifetime. We offer short-term and long-term trips that are perfect for any budget and appeal to a wide variety of interests. Our bus tours provide the transportation and plans everything, even down to your meals, so all you need to do is show up ready to have a good time!


One of the best things about Garden State Getaways, LLC travel are our fantastic bus tour guides. They have the knowledge to answer all of your questions along the way and are the life of the party on our trips! It is their job to make sure you are comfortable and enjoying your time with us. Our tour guides set us apart as one of the best travel agencies in the area. Call now!

Are your bus tours family friendly?

Yes! Garden State Getaways, LLC loves bringing families along for trips. Once your kids are out of the house or your parent has passed on, all you have are memories. Our travel agency loves helping you make memories in a safe, comfortable setting for everyone in the family. Our transportation is comfortable for travelers of all ages, and you have plenty of tours to choose from to make sure everyone is happy.


Where do your bus tours depart from?

Our trips depart from different locations depending on the trip scheduled and how many people will be in attendance. Our trips usually depart from Jackson, Brick, and GSP exit 98 Northbound. Some of our trips leave out of Barnegat if there are at least fifteen people on the trip. The travel agency may assign seats if we have a full bus.


Do you cancel because of bad weather?

All of our trips run rain or shine. We promise to show you a great time even if the weather isn’t perfect. Our tour guides will make sure you are comfortable and have what you need to stay dry during your trip.


Do you offer day bus tours?

Yes! Garden State Getaways, LLC is New Jersey’s premier bus tours when it comes to day trips. We are close to so many fantastic attractions and have a ton of options for memorable day trips. We travel to Broadway plays and give behind-the-scene tours which are perfect if you are looking for a trip that lasts a full day.


Do you offer multi-day bus tours?

We do. Our travel agency offers multi-day trips that bring you to interesting and beautiful locations outside of the Northeast. We have brought groups to places like Asheville and Nashville to enjoy the beauty, culture, history, and food of the South.


Do you take international tours?

We do! International tours are a favorite around our travel agency. Venturing to places like Italy and Austria, you can experience culture, sights, and sounds that you have only read about or seen in film. We take care of your paperwork and the planning so you don’t have to worry with cultural or language-related misunderstandings. Garden State Getaways is the perfect travel agency to use if you want to travel overseas!


What do I need to plan when I book with you?

Absolutely nothing. One of the perks of choosing a travel agency like Garden State Getaways, LLC is that once you choose us, we do the rest of the leg work for you. We organize your transportation, events, sightseeing, and even your meals. You won’t have to stress over organizing a single detail of your trip. Just turn in your registration forms, pay your fees, and leave the rest to us. If this sounds good to you, call now!


What is the transportation?

Our trips are all taken on our comfortable luxury motor coach. Our coach has a bathroom, DVD player to keep you entertained, window shade to block the sun, and soft, cushy seats. The best part about taking a trip on our motor coach is the shared experience of journeying to the destination with other travelers. With our travel agency, the journey is half the fun!


What can I expect during the drive?

A trip taken with Garden State Getaways, LLC is unlike any other. Our tour guides will pamper you with water, snacks, games, entertainment, and prizes while you await arrival to your destination. Time will fly by as you get to know other travelers, watch a movie, or take a nap to get ready for your big day.


What role does my bus tour guide play?

Your tour guide is your go-to person for any questions you might have or advice you might need. The tour guides at our travel agency take an active role in planning your trip. They have done the research and can provide the information you are looking for or, at the very least, can find it for you.


Your trip leader will guide you through sightseeing, restaurants, events, and more as you take in the wonders of a new city. Our guides are friendly, fun, and are excited to explore new places with you!


Are all costs covered in the price of my trip?

For the most part, yes. You can see the cost of your trip as well as the items covered in your trip fee on our trip info page here on the site. We try to include every possible cost, including transportation costs, hotel accommodations, some or most of your meals, guided tours, admissions, gratuity for your driver, and your trip leader.


Do you offer travel insurance?

Yes! Garden State Getaways, LLC offers travel insurance so you can enjoy your trip stress free! Our insurance is a great way to make sure all of your concerns are covered: if you have to cancel your trip, medical emergencies, travel delays, and even lost luggage.


Garden State Getaways, LLC is the travel agency you need if you’re ready for a fun, memorable trip where all you have to do is come along for the ride. We can’t wait for you to join us on one of our trips. To talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable agents, call now!